Connecting Your Team through Social Dance Experiences

Salsa Dublin offers a unique solution for corporate team building experiences, office parties and social outings. Our Social Dance Experiences will get your team to connect closely, have fun together and express their creative side!

Partner dance teaches the importance of leading and following. It requires non-verbal communication, trust and respect… and the challenge of learning something new is a lot of fun too! Latin dance also adds the extra flavour or uplifting music – taking your team on a journey to another world and ensuring that they leave feeling great!

Special Feature

● Social Dance Experience Packages:
Each group experience involves a personalised package including team building exercises, Latin music and partner dancing.

  • Package 1: Challenge your team with upbeat Salsa
  • Package 2: Connect closely with sensual Bachata
  • Package 3: Create your own Style with our instructor

● Languages available: English and Spanish.

● River Bar Location Map:

Options: Food platters can be arranged at River Bar.

The Benefits of the Corporate Dance

● Team building through close-contact activity

● Practice non-verbal communication and trust through leading and following

● Experience ‘something different’

● Fun way to get your team to connect closely with each other

● Perfect location to a start a night out with your team

● Allows a platform for creative expression


Contact us to create your personalised package:

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