What’s the Training Course?

Latin Dance is one of the hottest and popular social dance scenes all around the world. At Salsa Dublin, we want you to be part of this amazing International scene. This is why we have designed the Salsa Dublin Training Course to help you to develop your dance skills, gain confidence on the social dance floor and have a lot of fun with a great group of people at the same time!

Special Feature

● 90 Minutes Weekly Group Training with the Salsa Dublin Team

● Together we will learn footwork, musicality, frame, turns, styling, body movement and partner work…. and have a lot of fun together with a great group of people too!

● We work in focussed 4 Week Course Blocks which build up your skills in a progressive way…. so you can see and feel real progress every month.

● As the Programme progresses we will also introduce home practice tips and opportunities to socialize with your group.

Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba

What’s the Difference Compared to Drop-In?

In Drop-In there is a big group of different people every week. As the group always changes, the focus is on achieving a move for the night and we keep the technique elements in bite-sized chunks. It’s an ideal and fun way to introduce people to dancing or for people who can’t come very often. If you are ready to come once a week and want to get the most satisfaction from your dance experience, then Invitation course is the best option for you.

The Benefits of the Training Course

● Have fun to share your dance journey with a great group of people

● Build your technique, skills in a structured way with the support of the Salsa Dublin Team

● Every month see and feel your own progress

● Teachers get to know you and your needs so they can guide you to be your best

● Gain confidence to have a lot of fun on the social dance floor

● The quickest way to become the best dancer you can be!

How Much is This Journey?

€40 per month (ongoing x4 week blocks).
Please Note: Advance payment must be made at the start of each x4 week block. Refunds are not available for classes missed

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