Master Teacher - 5 Years of Experience

Marinko Leka is the founder of Salsa Dublin.  He always had a passion for music and self expression, and in 2006  he discovered Salsa and Bachata – a love affair with dance began.

Discovering these dance styles sparked a fire in him that would later lead to the creation of Salsa Dublin as we know it today. Driven by a desire to grow and improve both personally and professionally, Marinko began training and performing tirelessly.  His hunger for knowledge led him to visit congresses all over the world, learning from the best teachers the international scene had to offer.

Within a few years Marinko had created SalsaDublin, with a vision of growing the dance scene in Ireland and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for dance with as many people as possible.

He has taught and performed all over Ireland and in the UK, and continues to focus on what he feels is most important – providing the best classes and service possible to the students.

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